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Thursday - Jan. 24, 2008

Plusicon1 Times: McCain, Romney are neck and neck

Plusicon1 Herald: Poll: McCain rising, Giuliani fading

Plusicon1 AP: Standing drops as Giuliani spends money, time in must-win Florida

Plusicon1 Washington Post: Romney, McCain Take Lead in Florida; Tax Talk Pervades

Plusicon1 Post: Giuliani, sinking in Florida polls, remains buoyant

Plusicon1 Washington Post: Sunshine State Warm to Giuliani, But His Poll Position Falls Sharply

Plusicon1 Sentinel: McCain's task: Win over GOP base in Florida primary

Plusicon1 Tribune: Romney, Giuliani Target McCain In Florida Race

Plusicon1 Times: Romney touts business skills

Plusicon1 Post: McCain took 'detour,' Romney campaign says

Plusicon1 Herald: Voters, candidates stress economy

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Romney hits East Manatee

Plusicon1 Daily News: Giuliani stumps in Estero

Plusicon1 Daily News: Giuliani stops by for meet-and-greet in Naples

Plusicon1 AP: Tax amendment not expected to have much affect on primary results

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Gov. Charlie Crist talks of preserving Save Our Homes

Plusicon1 Times: Amendment 1 creates rift

Plusicon1 AP: Amendment opponents look to tax panel for a better idea

Plusicon1 Sentinel: First-time home buyers in Lake Mary on the fence about tax vote

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Florida's police chiefs oppose property tax amendment

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Maitland business owner sees little benefit from property-tax amendment

Plusicon1 Democrat: Education official: Amendment 1 'wrong for Florida'

Plusicon1 Today: Cities getting word out on Amendment 1

Plusicon1 Today: Shadow warriors battle for tax vote

Plusicon1 AP: Lawmakers want to crack down on gang violence in Florida

Plusicon1 Post: GOP gang bill targets kingpins, Internet

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida bills take aim at gangs

Plusicon1 Times: North Florida weighing in against evolution

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