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Thursday - Apr. 1, 2010

Plusicon1 Times: Obama moves to open Florida coast to drilling

Plusicon1 Herald: Obama drilling plan spares South Florida

Plusicon1 Post: Obama's drilling plan stuns Fla. environmentalists, encourages GOP

Plusicon1 Tribune: Drilling plan hits a nerve nationwide, locally

Plusicon1 Democrat: Obama pitches Gulf drilling: Says proposal emphasizes home-grown fuels, energy conservation

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Drilling buffer polarizes state

Plusicon1 News-Press: Obama's drilling plan strikes a balance

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Obama oil plan could allow drilling off both Florida coasts

Plusicon1 NWF Daily News: Obama's drilling plan draws mixed reaction in Panhandle

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Manatee reacts to drilling proposal

Plusicon1 Today: Drilling move makes waves

Plusicon1 Sentinel: KSC's $2B at stake as critics want details on Obama's vision for NASA

Plusicon1 Courier: Rooney, Posey back attorney general's lawsuit questioning nation's health-care overhaul

Plusicon1 Times: Senate passes version of budget that changes Medicaid, keeps prisons open

Plusicon1 Herald: Senate pushes Medicaid reform

Plusicon1 Tribune: Florida Senate plan would privatize more of Medicaid, prisons

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Medicaid divides Florida Senate

Plusicon1 Democrat: Lawson brokers compromise on prison privatization plan 

Plusicon1 NWF Daily News: Fla. Senators reach deal to avoid prison closures

Plusicon1 Post: Senate leader gives up on prison closings, gives Fla. DOC extra cash

Plusicon1 Democrat: Fla. Senate votes to break up DMS 

Plusicon1 Tribune: Shula, wife like Crist in Florida US Senate race

Plusicon1 Courier: Posey tours Fellsmere Farms to discuss citrus industry

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: On Census Day, Florida’s catching up

Plusicon1 DBNJ: New era begins for News-Journal

Plusicon1 Times: FDLE investigating Greer

Plusicon1 Herald: Former Florida GOP leader Jim Greer under criminal probe

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Audit: Ex-Fla. GOP chair Greer had secret contract; state investigates

Plusicon1 Tribune: Ex-GOP boss Greer probed

Plusicon1 Democrat: Former RPOF chair under investigation: Greer accused of scheme to skim political contributions 

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Greer facing criminal inquiry

Plusicon1 Today: Criminal probe targets ex-chief of state GOP

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Former state GOP chairman under criminal investigation

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Senate approves budget, but House version differs

Plusicon1 Democrat: Fla. Senate passes nearly $70 billion state budget; House is expected to OK its budget today

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida Senate budget banks on gambling, stimulus money

Plusicon1 AP: Fla. House voting on $67.2 billion budget bill

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Florida Senate passes nearly $70 billion budget

Plusicon1 Herald Today: 2010 Florida Legislature: Lawmakers grapple with budget proposals

Plusicon1 AP: Everglades deal in jeopardy after judge's ruling

Plusicon1 Herald: Ruling puts Big Sugar land buy in peril

Plusicon1 Post: Judge orders restart of Everglades reservoir project and questions governor's massive land-buy plan

Plusicon1 Tribune: Everglades deal in jeopardy after judge's ruling

Plusicon1 Times: House Republicans push through anti-tenure bill

Plusicon1 Herald: Widely opposed teacher-tenure bill is on fast track in Florida Legislature

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Ad targets Jeff Atwater, calls for Legislature to abandon SB6

Plusicon1 Sun: School employees rally against education bills

Plusicon1 Democrat: Senate OKs Florida Retirement System contributions 

Plusicon1 Post: Senate sets aside for panel to investigate wrongful convictions

Plusicon1 Democrat: Hometown Democracy amendment in trouble

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