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Thursday - Mar. 17, 2011

Plusicon1 Times: Florida wants to be state No. 5 for presidential primary

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Ouster of Miami-Dade mayor leads to political fallout

Plusicon1 Tribune: Auto dealer successfully leads removal of Miami-Dade mayor

Plusicon1 Daily News: Southwest Florida faces no nuclear disaster threat, some say

Plusicon1 Democrat: Lawmakers push for more drilling permits 

Plusicon1 AP: Corrine Brown sued by former fundraisers

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Fundraising firm sues Corrine Brown over claim of unpaid bills

Plusicon1 Democrat: Proposed bill would move expanded Fla. Supreme Court to new 1st DCA building 

Plusicon1 Democrat: State to close Tallahassee road prison 

Plusicon1 Times: Two decades after Pinellas lawmaker proposed it, Florida's prisons ban smoking

Plusicon1 AP: Fla. religious leaders rally for immigrants

Plusicon1 AP: Census to release Florida data

Plusicon1 AP: Judge upholds Interior on endangered Fla. sparrow

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Federal ruling favors Everglades restoration over sparrow habitat

Plusicon1 NWF Daily News: Senate passes oil spill recovery act

Plusicon1 Democrat: Advocate urges incentives for aerospace industry 

Plusicon1 Health News FL: State officials target ‘fraud tax’

Plusicon1 Times: Florida lawmakers try again to put brakes on auto insurance fraud

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Audrey Moran wants to be a 'big vision' mayor, but opponents say that means higher taxes

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Hospital paid lawyer $600,000 for services

Plusicon1 Times: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center seeks state cigarette tax money to fund delayed expansion

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Quarrels over where loved ones are buried brings attention to burial rights in Florida

Plusicon1 Tribune: Mayor Iorio's future: leadership speaker, author

Plusicon1 Herald: Miami-Dade’s new county manager Hudak to bring stability in uncertain time

Plusicon1 Star-Banner: State Ethics Commission says Bryant should not vote on Silver Springs issue

Plusicon1 Times: Teacher tenure bill headed to Gov. Rick Scott's desk

Plusicon1 Post: Teacher merit pay passes Fla. House, making it the first bill to go to Gov. Scott

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Teacher merit pay bill sent to Scott, but union likely to sue

Plusicon1 Tribune: Lawmakers change how teachers get paid, stay employed

Plusicon1 Democrat: House OKs merit-pay legislation

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Florida teacher pay bill clears Legislature on way to Rick Scott

Plusicon1 Sun: Bill on teacher pay, tenure goes to Gov. Scott

Plusicon1 Daily News: Teacher merit pay bill passes House, heads to governor's desk

Plusicon1 Times: Today in Tallahassee: Bid to revamp Supreme Court gets hearing

Plusicon1 Times: House plan raises tuition, tightens Bright Futures standards

Plusicon1 Tribune: Florida lawmakers looking at steep cuts in school funding

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott's 32,000 projected port jobs face sizable hurdles

Plusicon1 Tribune: Senate bill would make it harder to collect damages from auto makers

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Senate bill would make it harder to sue automakers for safety defects

Plusicon1 Times: Legislation would let dog tracks end live racing

Plusicon1 Post: Are dog races history? Card rooms may float tracks instead

Plusicon1 Times: Bill would ban abortion coverage for some insurance

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Two sides disagree if Medicaid 'reform' helps or hurts

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Panel OKs bill to 'deregulate' home insurance rates

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Fla. House passes growth management bill-again

Plusicon1 Times: Gun bill worries sheriffs

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Volusia gun law could be repealed

Plusicon1 Post: Liability limits for foster care agencies advances in Florida House

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Florida Legislature poised to battle over teaching evolution in schools

Plusicon1 Times: Tallahassee shoves a fertilizer bill down locals' throats

Plusicon1 Sun: Financial aid picture drastically changing as UF director retires

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