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Friday - Feb. 24, 2012

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Obama arrives: All-Star party take: $2.1M

Plusicon1 Herald: President Obama talks gas prices, energy policies — and raises lots of cash

Plusicon1 Post: Obama in Coral Gables: GOP's 'drill, drill, drill' is a bumper sticker, not an energy policy

Plusicon1 AP: Obama criticizes GOP energy approach in Florida speech

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Obama seeks repeat with young Florida voters; Republicans try to chip away at his support

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: With GOP candidates away, Obama focuses on Florida

Plusicon1 Herald: Miami leaders to Obama: Restore federal grants for social services

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Connie Mack offended by Charlie Sheen comparison

Plusicon1 Daily News: Lee Property Appraiser: Connie Mack, wife allowed separate homestead exemptions

Plusicon1 Tribune: Appraiser seeks Mack documents

Plusicon1 Times: News from Marco Rubio: He used to be Mormon

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Young Marco Rubio was a Mormon

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Vern Buchanan inquiries could overshadow his role as GOP fundraiser

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Hukill jobs bill passes House

Plusicon1 Current: Senate passes revamped bill that would increase oversight of water management districts

Plusicon1 Current: Once facing opposition, a trio of environmental bills passes House with only one no vote

Plusicon1 Current: Delay of Citizens assessments for private insurers passes House

Plusicon1 Current: Dillon, Brody claims bills continue House trek

Plusicon1 Post: Palm Beach County OKs temporary ban on internet gambling cafes

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: House OKs bill addressing local term limits

Plusicon1 Current: Local governments get relief in business tax cut passed by Senate panel

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Bill would eliminate limits on number of trauma centers

Plusicon1 Daily News: Collier not paying red-light camera vendor; commissioners to consider new contract

Plusicon1 Sun: Outgoing mail processing moves to Jacksonville in late June

Plusicon1 News-Press: Postal service won't shutter region's processing center

Plusicon1 Times: Postmark to fade into the past

Plusicon1 AP: USDA to help thousands of rural homeowners

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Water district examines 20,000 acres, finds 36 it could sell

Plusicon1 Times: Moffitt Cancer Center names new CEO, leader for M2Gen

Plusicon1 Times: Capitol Buzz: 5 things to watch today in Tallahassee

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Senators jockeying for leadership post

Plusicon1 Post: Florida Senate OKs $70.7 billion budget; stage set for talks with House over $1.5 billion gap

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida Senate passes $71-billion budget

Plusicon1 Current: Ready for conference? Senate approves $70.7 billion budget

Plusicon1 AP: Florida Senate passes $70.7 billion budget bill

Plusicon1 News-Press: Senate overwhelmingly approves budget

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Counties face millions more in cuts from Legislature

Plusicon1 Banner: Senate OKs $400 million cut in university funding

Plusicon1 AP: Florida Senate votes to split Polytechnic from USF

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Senate restores $46 million in funding for USF

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Senate agrees to boost USF funding

Plusicon1 Times: Senate votes to create 12th university

Plusicon1 Daily News: House considers more money for good hospitals

Plusicon1 Herald: Port of Miami project gets help from Tallahassee

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: House approves bill for referendum on local official term limits

Plusicon1 Daily News: Local senators cast only votes against cityhood bill

Plusicon1 Times: There's money to help Florida's housing market, but lawmakers disagree on where to spend it

Plusicon1 Herald: State Rep. Steinberg returns home to Miami Beach amid federal probe into texting

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Auto racing continues drive to become official state sport

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: House passes bill shifting more post-disaster burden to Citizens

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Florida leads nation in senior driver crash deaths

Plusicon1 Post: Revamped alimony bill gets nod from full House

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: House passes alimony overhaul bill

Plusicon1 Current: As Senate backs off communications tax overhaul, House approves it unanimously

Plusicon1 Herald: Florida joins multi-state suit over Obama contraception requirement

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: House approves proposed constitutional amendments on property assessments

Plusicon1 News-Press: Edison State College presidential traits hashed out

Plusicon1 Herald: Healthcare reform pays for 4,000 high-risk patients in Florida

Plusicon1 Banner: Anti-Medicare fraud effort disappoints

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