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Wednesday - Mar. 21, 2012

Post: Senate redistricting hearing exposes rivalries among Florida senators

Times: Tense debate over Florida Senate map yields no agreement

Sentinel: Senate redistricting committee bogs down over new lines

AP: Fla. Senate panel set for redistricting vote

Current: Senate panel delays action on redistricting plans

Times-Union: New Senate maps reduce partisan numbers for 2 First Coast districts

Herald-Tribune: Sarasota could become whitest Senate district in state

Post: No drug tests for most state employees till legal challenge resolved, Scott's office says

Current: Gov. Scott tells agencies to hold off on drug tests until lawsuit ruling

Herald: Genting Group downsizes plans for Miami resort site

Times: Tampa Bay construction employment falls to lowest level since 1990

Sun: Will PIP reform work?

Times-Union: Charter schools, opponents say this year's battles could lead to compromise

Times-Union: Scott urged to reject school prayer bill

Herald Tribune: Religious leaders urge Scott to veto school prayer bill

Sun-Sentinel: Citizens, state-run insurer of last resort, can cancel customers

Times: New hoops to appeal property tax bills

Current: Audubon says Gov. Scott should veto bill allowing rhinos, other zoo animals on state lands

Herald: Feds consider securities charges against city of Miami after lengthy investigation

Herald-Tribune: Sarasota school cuts likely to hit where they hurt worst

Times-Union: Tobacco companies won first, now second trial at federal level in Jacksonville

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